Mindset Learning Program

mindset learning program

Set your mind

to move forward.


Mindset Learning Program 

At Mindset Learning Program, our clients are students from first to twelfth grade who need to strengthen specific skill areas in order to fulfill their maximum potential.

At Mindset Learning Program we believe in a personalized approach.  Our client experience begins with an initial parent consultation.  Next, we schedule an appointment with a member of our Mindset team for assessments to be completed.  This is followed by a conference to review the results with the parent.  Based on those results, an individualized program is designed and implemented.  Parents receive constant feedback throughout the duration of the program.  At the conclusion of the program, a post-assessment is completed and reviewed with the parent.


Our Services

Written expression

Executive functioning training

Reading fluency

Working memory training

Auditory processing training

Reading comprehension


We provide our clients with a customized educational plan tailored to individual needs so each client can reach their maximum potential.
— our vision
To equip students with the skills and mindset to empower them for achievement and success.
— Our mission


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